esta pareja viene del PN Sangay



wingspan :

Hylephila phyleus, Parque la Carolina in Quito, rio Quijos.

we prefer not to go down to the subspecies level as Hylephilus phyleus taxonomy looks rather inconsistent (see new facts page).

Hylephila phyleus al río Quijos

Hylephila phyleus lives from the USA down to Argentina, including the Caribbean and Hawai, flying from sea level to 3000 meters and more.

the nominal subspecies flies all over this vast area and still not one subspecies has been described wether it be for Hawai or for Antigua.

it's a different story in South America where we have five subspecies (two in Ecuador) restricted to small areas within the nominal subspecies zone.

as   1 - we do not know any paper that would establish the geographic limits between these subspecies, and
      2 - and the nominal subspecies is obviously variable, so we do not go further than the species level.

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