wingspan :

Ancyluris mira, Pimpilala.

for those who know these butterflies, it is obvious that this specimen is clearly different from the A. mira furia type, which is in Berlin ; we certainly mean no disrespect to Stichel, but we cannot help it, this holotype of Ancyluris mira furia cannot be Ancyluris mira, it should be Ancyluris colubra ? (see new facts page).

the differences between mira and colubra are obvious :
     - the size,
     - the general shape,
     - the FW red lines, tapered upwards on colubra, downwards on mira,
     - the tails, long and narrow on colubra, short and wide on mira.

the picture below, which figures the type of A. mira furia from Berlin, is clearly on the colubra side ?

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