este macho viene del PN Sangays



en 2012, on the Sangay NP site, we would write : "it was indeed a surprise to find Rareuptychia clio at 1400 m near Palora" as this species is supposed to fly exclusively in a very limited area centered on the intersection of the national boundaries of Brasil, Bolivia and Peru, and particularly in the Parque Estadual do Chandless (Acre, Brasil), and the Parque Nacional del Manu (Peru) at elevations of no more than 700 m ; and it is said to be very rare.

surprise in 2018 and 2019 with these pictures taken by David Geale and Steve Cary at rios Hollin and Pingullo which moves the limit for this species a good one hundred kilometers further North.

and again in 2021, another picture taken by Jhonny Zambrano near Coca, some fifty kilometers further North, and another one by Roger Rittmaster near Archidona.

Rareuptychia clio al río Hollin
Rareuptychia clio cerca de Coca
Rareuptychia clio cerca de Archidona
Rareuptychia clio al río Pingullo

from left to right : Coca, rio Hollin, Palora, Peru (BoA)

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